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Bali is known as a tropical paradise where south Asia and Pacific rural cultures meet. We carefully study beauty of its culture especially on fine art painting and wood curving. Our collection reached over 500 works from young artists to old masters based on traditional technology of hand work. We wish to deliver Paradise in your heart !

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Security of our send and received email For safety and security of email,encryption service (SMTP / POP over SSL) has been introduced in our system.
How to Order When purchase goods is decided,
1. click "Order form " button. Order Form
2. then "Order form "appears.
3. Please fill out the necessary information.
  and chose the payment method.
4. After you fill out your order form, click "Send" button.
5. Now your order is completed.
6. We check the stock and send you exact price including shipping fee.
7. when you received our email,please pay total amount of your order.
8. After confirmation of the payment,goods will be shipped within 3 days.
9. We use post or air cargo for the transportation.
10. If payment is not completed with in 1week,your order become invalid.

Payment method
We accept payment in the following 2 methods.

1. Credit card (by Pay Pal)
2. Bank Transfer
Shipping for purchased item
After confirmation of payment.
Shipping costs
& Delivery term

Size C Under 1.5m
Size B Under 1.4m
Size A Under 1.4m
Maximum weight 30KG

Total purchases over US$300 shipping is free of charge.
Less than US$300,shipping will be charged as listed.

Lass than US$ 300,shipping will be charged as listed as belows.

Delivery term will be 1 week after shipping date.

weight Asia North America
Central America
Middle East
Europe South America
1KG 1,800 ¥2,400 ¥2,800 ¥3,800
2KG 3,000 ¥4,000 ¥4,600 ¥7,000
3KG ¥4,000 ¥5,400 ¥6,200 ¥10,000
4KG ¥5,000 ¥6,800 ¥7,800 ¥13,000
5KG ¥6,000 ¥8,200 ¥9,400 ¥16,000
6KG ¥7,000 ¥9,600 ¥11,000 ¥19,000
7KG ¥7,800 ¥10,700 ¥12,300 ¥21,100
8KG ¥8,600 ¥11,800 ¥13,600 ¥23,200
9KG ¥9,400 ¥12,900 ¥14,900 ¥25,300
10KG ¥10,200 ¥14,000 ¥16,200 ¥27,400
11KG ¥11,000 ¥15,100 ¥17,500 ¥29,500
12KG ¥11,800 ¥16,200 ¥18,800 ¥31,600
13KG ¥12,600 ¥17,300 ¥20,100 ¥33,700
14KG ¥13,400 ¥18,400 ¥21,400 ¥35,800
15KG ¥14,200 ¥19,500 ¥22,700 ¥37,900

* All price are in Japanese Yen

Return deadline and refundable amount We will only accept return product within 7 days after delivery. Please inform us by email before sending product. If you received defective product,we will pay for shipping and refund the amount of product. If the return is at your convenience,shipping fee will be paid by the customer. In this case we only refund you amount of product.
Items can be returned
Return goods are limited only to the unused product.
your special order will not be eligible for return.

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