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Ubud, Penestanan-Klod
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Lost In Paradise
Enjoy a long stay in Bali
Why not spend your holiday in Ubud ? Enjoy unforgettable time in a tropical resort island !

        About the village Penestanan        
The village is located on a hill outside central of Ubud-Bali where a fresh wind blowing through the year. The Cottage LIP was built as an accommodation for the long term tourist. Tropical gardenIt is located on the way of "Promenade of Paradise" between Monkey forest and Penestanan village. The promenade has become popular for the family hikers wondering the rice terrace around Ubud area. The accommodation is owned by a family of local painter Made TEGIG who cares food and security for the guest. Penestanan village is well known as a painter's village in the guide followed by revered the benefactor of the old Balinese painting Walter Spies to Arie Smit the father of young artist style painting, Ubud is also the cultural wealth of traditional arts fragrant dynasty in central Bali Island.@Because the pass off the busy way trucks and large buses luck, villagers enjoy a walk in the morning and evening in spectacular countryside spread in to the horizon.
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        Fun & Utility of Long Stay        

Escape from the bondage of our daily life and spend time in a tropical island for several months...will suits the purpose of treatment for both mind and body and will be "life laundry
h. Living around the foreign language so obscure, you can live each day without having to worry about the surroundings. What type of travel is exhausting moving every day? In this place, you can enjoy excursion starting in the morning and back in the evening carrying only a small backpack. painting by Local artistWithout worrying about the daily food preparation, even to leave all the cleaning and laundry and enjoying a real vacation with your family! The cultural relics of Bali are scattered and diverse natural landscape and the island is perfect for day trips. The island is connected to the nearby cities from Denpasar airport such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta at attractive air fare flights at around US50 one way every day!
As the island is located in the southern hemisphere, season will be reversed from the northern. Followed by a rainy season and sultry night from June to August in Japan, Bali is in dry season (winter) blowing fresh and dry air season is recommended as the best season for the long stay tourist. Conversely, severe cold from December to February, It will be wise choice to spend holiday in warm island Bali. (Hot a little?) The cost of living in Bali will be a tenth of a sense of European countries or Japan unless living in surprisingly luxurious place. However Bali is in tropical climate with humid and strong ultraviolet, you need careful management of your health. The harsh sunlight during the day and the grain followed by high humidity at night, choosing a clean and airy accommodation (air-conditioned) is recommended to stay. It will be a dream life style keeping a house in Bali and staying good season at low cost!

Bali Traditional dances
VISA for Long stay:
Government of Indonesia issues immigration visa at US25 for 30 days to foreign travellers. It could be extended up to 30 days in Bali. So you can now stay for 60days in total. (See Garuda airline's HP) We recommend you to stay 30days at first, Then you can extend 30days more if you want. If you want to stay more 30days, You may go out from the country and re-enter as a tourist with 30days visa like first time of your arrival Bali.

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